Qingdao Haiyu Acetylene(Gas)Manufacture Co., Ltd. started in 1964, has a registrated capital of 2.35 million Yuan and total investment of 7 million Yuan. It was moved from Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Factory to Chengyang Jihongtan Jinling Industrial Area.
  The main products are: Acetylene Gas, Hi-Powered Incision Gas、Oxygen、Nitrogen、Argon、Carbon Dioxide、Gas Mixture、Gas for Laser Incision and High Grade Pure Gas. The company is the backbone of Qingdao industrial gas producing and cylinder checking, having the provincial qualification of checking acetylene cylinder & seamless steel gas cylinder.
  We have the ability to supply unitive air feed、design and assembling of pressure pipe. We have successfully designed and assembled unitive air feed system for large enterprises, such as CSR, etc.
  Haiyu was perfecting their quality guarantee and after sales service system while developing. Welcome to buy our products! We’d like to collaborate with you sincerely with our high quality and excellent services.


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